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Zylstra Auto & Hardware is a family-owned hardware and automotive parts business in Linden, California. We are an authorized Valspar Paint seller and Husqvarna retailer. As a family business we see our customers as our friends and neighbors. The staff at Zylstra's is friendly, knowledgable and eager to help customers with any project handed to them. The origins of Zylstra Auto & Hardware began with another family-owned business known as Arata's Automotive and Hardware. Originally, Arata's was a family-owned auto repair shop that opened in 1963. After some years, the family decided to covert the shop to a Linden auto parts and hardware store. In 2000, the Zylstra family bought the store and continued to operate it under the Arata name. Three years later, the name was changed to Zylstra Auto & Hardware. We, the Zylstra family, take pride in customer service and an educated automotive or hardware experience for our customers. This is reflected in our mission statement: "Our mission statement is simple, provide our customers with a product and, when needed, knowledge of the product. Time is money, so our goal is to save our customers money by helping them get their tasks done efficiently."

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